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the afternoon in a coldHOTairBALLOON ☀

i`ll be outta my mind, and you`ll be outta ideas pretty soon

soturi ★ talvi
kaneeli ☃ kukkel
Ikinä ei tule aivan vapaaksi, jos ihailee toista liikaa. sen minä tiedän.

Hello! I`m Miha, currently residing in the beautiful equatorial paradise of Malaysia.


a secret recipe within us!
axis powers hetalia ESTONIA

Somewhere beyond the sea
Somewhere waitin' for me
My lover stands on golden sand
And watches the ships that go sailin'

By the POWER vested upon this blogcrew,
I hereby claim Estonia {eduard von bock}.
And since this blogcrew PWNS all OTHER blogcrews,
He’s mine. ALL MINE. Sucks for you.

❝Ah, with just a stroke of paint,
wonderful world can be seen.❞

This summer,
I'm going on a
holiday to Finland!