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02 April 2010 @ 06:37 pm
fic - fireflies  
Title: Fireflies
Pairing / Characters: Denmark/Norway
Rating: G
Warning: Fluff, might blind you with crappiness, this is my first fan fiction

So I bring you a oneshot, it's horrible and I'm nervous because it's like, my first. Dx Not to mention it's based on that irritatingly annoying Owl City song. >:u

'No Norge, I don't believe your silly fairy nonsense!' Denmark snarled, tossing his head back onto the couch.

Norway's face stayed pale and expressionless and not even a twitch of his eye broke the stillness of his face. He turned his head and glared at the disbelieving Dane unpleasantly. 'You said you wanted to watch this movie with me.' Norway replied in his regular monotonous voice.

'But this movie is really, really ridiculous! It's like, as far-fetched as the urban legend that beer gives you kidney cancer!' Denmark retorted, his facial expression changing to that of a shocked Italian.

Norway shot up from the couch in frustration and fixed his eyes on Denmark. ‘I’ll have to make you believe again then,’ Norway sighed, ‘How could you have forgotten all that was in the past?’

Denmark obviously had not remembered a thing about his childhood, and the times where he still saw Norway’s fairy and troll friends. It was a glorious time, among the bloody battles, they still got to explore and live their lives happily alongside the mythical creatures. Norway was determined to prove Denmark wrong and return to those better, more innocent days.

‘Denmark. We’re going to the river tonight.’

Norge’s asking me on a date, Denmark thought, and immediately chuckled at the mental image.

‘It’s not funny Denmark. I’m disappointed that you’ve stopped believing!’ Norway grumbled, turned off the television and walked towards his room. ‘Remember to follow me after dinner tonight, alright Denmark? Half-past-seven, deal?’

‘Deal!’ Denmark laughed.

~ * ~ * ~

Half-past-seven, and Norway was waiting in the foyer for Denmark solemnly. Denmark always seemed to be late for everything, except when someone yells ‘breakfast’ or ‘dinner’ or ‘let’s get some beer’. Norway shouldn’t be disappointed after all; it was for Denmark’s sake and not his. If he doesn’t want to believe, it’s none of Norway’s business.

‘Norge! Am I late for our date? Huh?’ Denmark hollered, rushing to put on his coat.

‘It’s not a date.’ Norway grumbled, annoyed by the Dane’s assumptions. ‘Let’s head out, it’s quite a long walk to the river.’

Norway took a length of black cloth he had prepared earlier from the hat rack and turned the doorknob and let Denmark out like he was a dog punished for dirtying the floor with its muddy pawprints. Norway locked the door behind him and proceeded down the path with Denmark.

‘So Norge, what are we going to see exactly?’ Denmark inquired inquisitively.

‘Oh, about that…’ Norway mumbled, suddenly realising he had the black cloth for a reason. He stood on his tiptoes and put it around Denmark’s eyes and tied a tight knot at the back. ‘There.’

Denmark blinked behind the blindfold. ‘W-where did everything go Norge? Why’d you put a blindfold on me?’ Denmark questioned. ‘I can’t see!’

Norway sighed, and grabbed Denmark’s hand. ‘I’ll lead you on. Don’t worry, I won’t throw you in to the river or anything.’ Norway muttered.

Denmark smiled. Norway’s hand was warm unlike his cold attitude and speech, and Denmark could feel that he could trust this warmth to guide him. Even if he really was blind, he would trust this warmth with his life- it was like magic. The two continued down the path hand in hand, towards the river.

~ * ~ * ~

‘Denmark, you can open your eyes now.’ Norway whispered, releasing the knot of Denmark’s blindfold.

Thousands of lights surrounded them dancing like dandelion seeds carried by the breeze, the lights reflecting a message of reverie in the ripples and splashes of the river.

‘That’s magic, Denmark. Look, even the fairies have painted the night with gold!’ Norway smiled, pointing upwards at the night sky.

Denmark cocked his head up and his pupils contracted. They were there, the fairies, waltzing with the lights. As Denmark’s eyes trailed off to the riverbank, he spotted an orchestra of nisses and even a large troll playing their instruments for the dance. He gasped. So it was all true after all, he thought. Denmark was immersed in the captivating dream sequence. It was like a part of him returned.

Norway placed a hand on Denmark’s shoulder. ‘Believe now?’ Norway asked, his lips turned into a little smile.

Denmark grinned. ‘I’m sorry Norge, I’m sorry for doubting you all along!’ Denmark laughed, ruffling Norway’s hair.

‘I’m glad.’ Norway smiled. ‘Let’s enjoy this view while we can, alright?’

Denmark placed his arm around Norway and drew him in closer, and nuzzled him affectionately.
‘These are fireflies, right?’


‘I never would have known they were so pretty!’

‘Everything’s better when you have somebody to share it with, right?’